20 April 2017

Boscombe Down 20-Apr-2017

DRAGNET41 departs for a PAR at Newquay after a nightstop

unfortunately, ZZ664 didn't return before lunchtime, so we are stuck with these heat haze shots (and it was only +12C)

27 January 2016

An Su-22.....not at Groom Lake I'm afraid.....at Hanoi taken from a Cessna 208

As it's been a bit quiet recently, here's a shot from the family holiday to Vietnam over Xmas.  Makes me want to read the Red Hats book again....

more photos at http://vietnamaircraftxmas2015.wordpress.com

06 December 2014

Saudi Air Force Typhoon diversion to Boscombe

I just happened to be sat at the end of the runway writing my Christmas cards in peace when two Typhoons appeared out of the murk.

The 2 seater '1021'/ZK399 had been showing 7700 code, callsign WTN01B mode-S code 43C790 and landed while the single seater ('1023'/ZK394) went back to Warton callsign WTN01A

21 March 2012

N805AM a B757 supposedly of L-3 flying today from GVT back to GVT.  Unlike the similar L-3 COMCO B757s this one has PW2037 engines

14 November 2011

N175RU with a man taking photos inside!!  

SpecOps C-130 departing Hurlburt Field

08 October 2011

Fort Walton Beach 

Mi-17 N175RU clanking along the coast on 5-Oct-11

On two other occasions we saw a cammo Mil-8/17 with lights off in company with a white example such as the above.

AGEO (?) 96 climbing out of Eglin AFB 6-Oct-11

04 May 2011

RAF A330-200 with serial MRTT016 arrived at Boscombe Down around 1100 today using callsign CASA336, inbound from Getafe.

MRTT017 was already outside when 016 arrived.  Note that this one has no Airbus Military markings.

19 January 2011

Interesting pods on Blackbox 2
Blackbox 1 19-Jan-11

Blackbox 2  19-Jan-11

Blackbox 3 19-Jan-11

30 November 2010

The F-117A and N105TB exercise plus sundry other things is at

N105TB active in the ranges today out of its home base at Bedford-Hanscom AFB, MA

05 November 2010

13 March 2010